Monday, 17 February 2014

Row by Row Colourwash Scrap Quilt

 For me the joy of swapping scraps is accumulating small quantities of heaps of different fabrics. I love sorting them into colour piles and making colourwash quilts.  

I'm living in a smaller home now and have not the space to lay out the whole quilt before stitching it together.  This time I am using larger pieces (5inch x 3 1/2 inch), piecing one row at a time and immediately stitching it to the growing quilt.  That way I do not have to remember later on which row belongs where and can clearly see the size of where I have got to.  

I will audition a few rows of fabrics on the bed (to get an idea of the 'flow' of colours) - if I know I'll have time to stitch them all together before tidy up time!

After the browns and darks will come reds and then yellows and the whole quilt will brighten.

 Pop here to see the one I made a couple of years ago incorporating the fabrics from my 2012 swap partner Megan.  And pop here to find the links to what others are making with their 2014 scrap swaps.


Schulz Family said...

Wow looking awesome

Leonie said...

oooo cant wait to see it come together! you are so clever with these things and the last one was awesome!

Schulz Family said...

That is going to look AMAZING. wow

Nin said...

I loved your comments about working within the constraints of space and tidy up time. I am much the same :) And I love the vintage boxes under the bed - super cool!