Monday, 24 February 2014

My Joy Jar

It brought me joy at the Christmas Bloggers' get together;  brought me joy here as it decorated my dining table; brought me joy as a tasty chocolaty treat and now I have decided to extend its joy giving capabilities.

This empty jar is sitting next to my sewing machine.  As I joyfully stitch my scrap quilts I will pop the used up cotton reels into it.  By the end of the year I reckon it will be overflowing with evidence of creative happiness. 

The yellow cotton reel is a thread that has become brittle with age so can no longer be used.  

Thanks Nin for your ongoing gift.


Cat said...

I like !!! I wonder how many I go through in a year ???

Nin said...

Hugs xx

Schulz Family said...

It is so weird that you can eat the contents. They looked so amazing, I was thrilled to see it in person. Great idea to see how much sewing you get done

Leonie said...

Awesome! Loved this gift - it was so gorgeous! And now a happy jar - cant wait to see it all filled up!