Thursday, 30 January 2014

Walking Out

He walked out ......
Leaving a void ....

It happened suddenly 

Our blessing goes with him 
But now there is an empty room
"I won't be needing it", mum

So I will climb out of the hole of self pity
and fill the space with fabrics

And celebrate the growing independence of my youngest 
AND the fact I now have a sewing room 

Tears will fall as I breathe new life into this unfinished quilt while he and I adjust to this next stage of our lives.

I'm going to transition the manly grey, straight lines in this design with soft, feminine curves .... and probably add one or two of my signatures spaces somewhere!   Pink and orange together will speak of the unexpectedness of life. The footprints will be the label.


Schulz Family said...

Yay for having a sewing room. Good things come to those who wait. I have to say that at the moment I am looking forward to when my boys leave home!! might be different when it actually happens though.

Cat said...

oh Roz I can't even bear to think of my children leaving home . . . can't they just stay like FOREVER

hope to see you in two weeks xxx

Diane-crewe said...

enjoy the space .. and treasure the visits .. THEN jump for joy that they are gone and you have a space to sew in xx .. mind you mine came back to STAY for a while xx Phew .. gone to his own home again now xx

Nin said...

what a surprise. What an adjustment. What an opportunity. Blessings to you xxx

Leonie said...

Oh wow what a lovely lovely way to remember/commemorate/commiserate - hope you are feeling ok and filling the room with fabric sounds perfect x