Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Whole New Concept

Various design ideas churn around in my mind at any one time.  Sometimes a few of these notions happily collide in a brain explosion, invariably at about 3am when all is quiet and I am supposed to be sleeping.
Once a workable concept has developed, I then have to marry it with suitable fabric and an appropriate colour scheme.   This can sometimes be the most frustrating part of the process.  Many are the times I need more than the fat quarter of a print in my stash then I have to find another creative way around this particular hiccup.  Sometimes I just have to be patient and wait until I find just the right material at one of my local quilting shops.
From here, I make samples to test my ideas and work through the technical stuff. 

    The idea of spaces in quilts came to me about two years ago and I have steadily worked on the concept starting simply with weaving quilted strips.  Available in pattern form under the name Woven Christmas Table Mat.
    Then I wanted to introduce round holes as a playful, surprise element in wall-hangings.  The lower image is seen from the back of the Child with Kite wallhanging which I intend to produce as a pattern.
    I have figured out how to make rectangular holes - this required a completely different technical process from round holes. 
    Am working on how to make odd shaped holes.
    When used in quilts, I still intend for recipients to be able to cuddle up under them.  Perhaps a little breezy I hear you say?  Well a little fresh air never hurt anyone!  
    Then I grappled with how to combine uneven shapes.  This design is available in a pattern Clinging Flowers.
    I've called this floral wall-hanging Spring Burst.
    Now I am playing with the idea of ‘filling the spaces’ and in the process am trialling a few dissolvable type products.
    I have considered holes in bags but that idea is probably too whacky!

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